Today, we're taking a look at anime character theme songs! Here are some of my favorites.

What is Your Jam? – Anime Character Theme Songs

Since we’re nearing the end of the current season (and it feels awkward to talk about last season with this season’s conclusion so close), I’m doing something a little different and carefree today. Going to take a look at character theme songs.

They don’t happen for a lot of characters, but periodically we’ll get a song that is associated with a specific character. As I discussed before, I think characters are super important, and the songs they use for them can have a huge impact. Some are better than others, some more memorable than others, but it’s always fun when they happen. Today, I’m going to present a few that I really enjoy. Here we go.

L – L’s Theme (A)

If you’ve watched Death Note, then you probably recognize this one. The song fits the high-stakes mind games so well. I had to include it because of how iconic it is.

Sadao Maou – The Devil Regains His Strength

With The Devil is a Part-Timer season 2 airing right now, it’d be wrong of me not to include this. The score gives you that feeling of epicness that is to come.

Dio – Dark Rebirth

Dude, listen to how chilling this is. If you haven’t watched Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, then you’re missing out on one of the most famous and memorable villains in anime. Dio is so awesome that I don’t know if there’s anyone that doesn’t know the memes he’s in. For real, though, this music is such a classic for a classic villain.

Ichigo – Number One

This is a straight up song. It’s actually kind of odd to have a character theme have a full set of lyrics, but Bleach manages to include it for Ichigo without feeling jarring. It’s maybe a bit corny, but it still gets me excited for some reason.

King Crimson – King Crimson

This one hits me hard. Like, I used this music when thinking about the villain for my book. Like Dio’s theme (and yes, this is also from Jojo), it’s chilling. It just exudes the air of a cold, calculating villain. This theme alone can advocate for all villains to have their own theme music.

Vegeta – Vegeta’s Theme

Part of this is probably nostalgia, but I just love this theme. I think it queues up almost every scene Vegeta monologues in Dragon Ball Z. The music matches the hard personality of Vegeta perfectly. Speaking frankly, this theme popped into my head the other day and inspired me to write this post. That’s how much I like this song.

Honorable Mention – Sephiroth – One Winged Angel

I know, not technically anime, but it’s kind of related. Right? Right??? Yeah, okay, fine. That’s why I included it as an honorable mention. This song is the definition of epic. HIS NAME IS IN THE SONG! If that doesn’t scream epic villain, I don’t know what does. As far as I’m concerned, you can throw a chorus into almost any song and it’s just instantly epic.

Okay, that’s all I got for you this time. I think for the next post, we’ve got upcoming fall anime, so that should be fun. I know there’s already a few series I’m excited for. Catch you next time.

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