Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a very underrated fantasy romance.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale – A Sweet Fantasy Romance

Last season (almost two seasons now), I checked out Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, a fantasy shoujo anime that caught my eye. With a name so sweet, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after the first episode, I knew I was going to enjoy it.

Pretty much right off the bat, we get a lot of the shoujo romance elements. You know, the girl meets guy moment. For this series, though, it starts a bit more antagonistic.

The first meeting of Anne and Challe Fen Challe.

Anne literally buys Challe Fen Challe (there’s a bunch of different spellings for names here, so I’m going with the ones I preferred), and his opinion of humans seemingly can’t be lower. But, as you’d expect, he’s actually a good person, and you get the pleasure of watching the two of them grow closer.

While the plot for the show seemed a bit weird. I didn’t expect basically wanting to become a master sculptor of sugar to be tense in the least. As it turns out, it’s a cut-throat industry. Who knew?

The Sugar Apple sculptures are really cool in Sugar Apple Fairy Tale.
<em>The sculptures are so pretty<em>

There’s quite a bit of drama in the whole thing. I won’t get into it because that’d be spoiler territory. Just know, it was a surprise how gripping the plot was, between the sugar artistry and the budding relationship between Anne and Challe.

There is a bit of combat in this series, but definitely not the main focus.
<em>Make no mistake Challe is a warrior fairy<em>

On several occasions, we also had really good plot twists. Not in the generic sense either. Ones where you actually didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did. Furthermore, when it happens, it’s done so unapologetically, as though it just smacked you upside the head with reality.

I honestly don’t know what to say other than everything just fit so well. I really did find the story riveting, having both great story-telling and expert character interactions. And, like I’m finding more and more, it barely got any attention from what I’ve seen. Reminds me of Koukyuu no Karasu, another excellent story with very little attention.

The romance in Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is slow, but very good.

The way they ended it was also insane. Like, there’s another season is lined up (really soon too!), but it was such a cliffhanger I would have flipped shit if there wasn’t.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is such a great series. If you like fantasy romance in a shoujo series, definitely watch it. Heck, even if you like any of those pieces, you should watch it. It’s well worth it. Plus, it’s got one of those titles that’s kind of embarrassing to say in public. That’s fun, right?

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