OddTaxi, the oddest, and most taxi-est, anime around.

OddTaxi – It’s Very Odd, It’s VERY Taxi, It’s Incredible

** Warning – There might be spoilers ahead. I did my best to avoid them, but some may have slipped through the cracks. **

When I first started watching ODDTAXI (or Odd Taxi, whichever), I figured it’d be a bit silly, given the anthropomorphic characters. Like, it centers around a walrus taxi driver, you know? When I put it on my spring anime list, I figured it’d just be strange, but nothing super noteworthy. Let me just say, however, I was WAY wrong.

Odd Taxi was one of the most down-to-earth anime I’ve seen in a while. Just looking over my incredibly useful notes, every other line is just me repeating how grounded it was. Every character, despite being an animal (yep, nothing but animals here…), have very realistic problems. Whether it be financial debt or game addiction, the struggles of each side character is very real. Definitely not what I had expected going into it, but made it a relatable series for sure.

OddTaxi's cast is all animals. Yep, all animals. Nothing to see here.

Now, groundedness aside, the plot itself is superb. I found myself itching to see what happens next. It’s a very well-paced, suspenseful series while not losing the daily life feel. I also loved how they gave each side character an introduction episode, adding depth to the cast. When all the different plot lines came together at the end and you get the big reveal, it made for a super satisfying climax.

Continuing with that train of thought, I liked how each character had a role to play. None of the side characters felt unnecessary. While Odokawa-san was clearly the centerpiece, it was the side characters that provided the necessary motivation and intrigue in the series. The fact that they took the time to flesh out characters took them to the next level, making multi-dimensional characters throughout. This is the mark of good side characters.

OddTaxi shows that we all have problems in our lives.

For soundtrack and art style, there isn’t really a lot to say. The soundtrack felt appropriate to build and maintain the mood of each scene. The opening and ending songs were nothing notable for me, unfortunately, but kept pace with the chill feel of the series. Mmm… Maybe “deceptively chill” would be more accurate. The art is less rigid than most anime, and I think it works for this series and the anthropomorphic characters. In the end, I think the plot is what will stand out down the road, not the art or soundtrack. Honestly, that’s more of a comment on how good the plot is than commentary on the art or music.

To wrap this quick post, what do I think of Odd Taxi? It’s good. Would I recommend it to people? Definitely. Was there odd taxi-related things in the anime? Without question. I will add a warning to my fellow sub viewers, they talk very fast. The back and forth between characters can make it tricky to keep up with. But aside from that, excellent series. Glad I checked it out, and I highly recommend Odd Taxi.

And there you have it, one of the ODDEST series you’ll see in a while. Let me know what you think down in the comments. Time to show myself out after that awful pun.

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