I do love some Japanese snacks.

My Favorite Unique Japanese Snacks

I’ve always enjoyed trying foods from other countries, especially Japan. They have a lot of creative stuff. Recently, I decided to subscribe for Bokksu’s monthly box of assorted snacks, chosen from across Japan. As an otaku, and lover of cool snacks, it’s been a pretty neat thing to try. Like, who wouldn’t want some Japanese snacks, right?

Today, as a bonus post after my more personal post last week, I’m going to just talk about some of the more unique ones from my first box. Some of these were delicious, others weird, and a couple that were just too cool to not talk about. I’ll keep this one short (for real this time!). Also, I was not prepared with pictures for this one (and they’ve all been eaten by now…), so sorry in advance. If I do this again, I’ll make sure to take pictures BEFORE I eat them…

Mocchan Dango Mochi

If you’ve had dango mochi before, might be nothing special. If not, it’s definitely worth trying. Soft, sweet, and enjoyable to eat, this one is a favorite of mine. Damn, I need more…

20th Century Pear Langue de Chat

This cookie (I guess?) is the perfect amount of sweet. Some people aren’t a big fan of white chocolate, but the subtle pear flavor is is a good twist. My only complaint was I wish there were more of them, or that it was bigger. So damn tasty.

White Strawberry

Probably the most unique item in this box. It’s a white chocolate-infused freeze-dried strawberry. The texture was odd. The flavor was odd (but in a good way!). The concept was pretty creative, and something you’d have to show to people. I know I had to tell everyone about it.

Dondon Yaki

What you think of this will be largely based on personal taste. The tonkatsu sauce flavor is very potent. Personally, I liked it. Other people I had try it were not big fans. But, I needed something savory on this list (I have a bit of a sweet tooth), so here you go. Give it a try.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs (with Kinako)

The moment I put it in my mouth, I was in love. It’s so delicious, and melts in your mouth almost instantly. I managed to share only one before hoarding the rest of these sweet, slightly nutty treats.

Puku Puku Tai (Chocolate)

This fish-shaped snack surprised me. The mochi wafer outside was about what you’d expect, but the airy chocolate innards threw me. I’m not a big fan of wafers, honestly, but the chocolate was very enjoyable to eat. And the wrapper is pretty cool, which is a bonus.

Uni Rice Cracker

I enjoy seafood, really I do. But holy balls. These crackers. They have an initial taste of nothing. They’re pretty crunchy (more crunchy than I was anticipating). And then a minute later you get a fishy aftertaste that just lingers in your mouth. I was not a fan of this. Your mileage may vary, but I still can’t recommend this aside from the experience.

Okay, I think it’s time to wrap this up. There was certainly more in this box, but these were the more noteworthy ones in my book. If you want to check it out, go check out Bokksu. I’ve already been trying out my second box and there’s even more good stuff in there. Going to stop myself here though so I don’t make this post even longer. See you in the next one.

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