Koiseka, or Love After World Domination, was an awesome anime.

Koiseka – A Great Example of Super Sentai Meets Rom-Com

I love a good rom-com. I think I watched pretty much all of the ones that aired last season. One of my absolute favorites was Koiseka (full name: Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de), or Love After World Domination. I figured it’d be a weird one, given the premise, but I didn’t expect it to be great. I was very wrong, it turned out to be awesome.


The setup for the series is pretty basic. The two lovers, Desumi and Fudo, are from opposing organizations: Desumi from Gekko, who are bent on world domination, and Fudo leads the Gelato 5, a hero group that opposes Gekko. This dynamic forces them to keep their relationship a secret. Which, you know, is apparently pretty easy because most of their colleagues are apparently denser than a block of lead.

The Gelato 5 are Fudo's team in Koiseka.

Luckily, maintaining their secret isn’t a huge focus. Honestly, it ends up being closer to a slice-of-life series. I know, you’d think it’d be better they lean into this unique plot device, but trust me when I say it would have gotten old fast. It gave them freedom to focus on other wacky antics, many of which were absolutely hilarious.


The whole cast was great. They each had their quirks and worked well together. All of the different dynamics made it very funny to watch. Honestly, I loved tweeting out all of the random moments that had me in stitches. This anime was so much fun to watch.

Desumi is so cute in Love after World Domination.
<em>The beach episode in Koiseka blew the other rom coms beach episodes away<em>

Side characters aside, the main duo were fantastic. Desumi was one of the cutest characters I’ve encountered in a while. Grade A, top tier waifu material. For real, though. She had the cutest reactions to things. Add to that her kind and innocent personality that contrasts her strength as the Reaper Princess. What else could you ask for?

Fudo is… Well, a meathead. A well-meaning meathead, but he clearly isn’t winning any academic awards. But seriously, he just has such a good heart and is perpetually optimistic. His affection for Desumi is incredibly sweet, and probably his most endearing quality. The pairing of these two really makes this series great.


The animation quality and audio production (voice acting, soundtrack, etc.) were all pretty good. Nothing really blew me out of the water, but it didn’t need to. The comedy and romance took the whole cake and ran off with it.

The whole cast had very funny moments.
<em>Yeah Desumi has that effect on people<em>

I will say, the character designs were amazing. Especially with all the battle costumes they were running around with. All of the higher-ups in Gekko were pretty creative too. Got to love Culverin Bear. And… umm… I’m just going to say “Desumi’s costume” and leave it at that.

The comedic timing in this series was always on point. The jokes hit frequently and hit hard. It leveraged the whole cast too. There wasn’t just a single character that was overused. I can’t impress upon you enough how good the comedy was.

Koiseka was one of the cutest anime I've seen in a while.

The romantic parts were well executed too. I’d consider Desumi and Fudo to be probably my favorite couple this season. So many touching moments. Can we get more romance like this?


This is a pretty open and shut case. Koiseka is a fantastic rom-com. Honestly, I hope there’ll be another season. I feel I need to read this manga, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for a physical release. A top tier series like this should be in my collection. Can’t believe I only listed it as an honorable mention.

Love after World Domination is a great rom-com. Go watch it!
<em>Desumi demands that you go watch Koiseka<em>

But seriously, if you’re a rom-com fan, you need to watch this. It really is that good. I was super sad when it concluded. Such good comedy, such endearing characters, just great overall.

All right, that’s it for this one. Go watch the anime if you haven’t yet, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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