Kentaro Miura Berserk

In Memory of Kentaro Miura, the Genius behind Berserk

It saddens me to say the creator of Berserk has passed away at the age of 54. Berserk was an incredible series. From the dark, gritty story to the bold, intense artwork, Miura-sensei’s defining work was incredible. I know I, and certainly many fans, will mourn this loss. It grieves me even more to know that the series he painstakingly worked on for 30 years will never get to see the ending he worked so hard to achieve.

I don’t intend drag this out, but I just had to post something. I loved his work, and thank him for all his hard work. Just like Guts, he was a badass. May he rest in well-earned peace.

For those interested, both Anime News Network and NPR have put out articles about his passing. Additionally, Crunchyroll has posted a tribute from creators and fans (translated to English) as well.

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