Dark Gathering is very creepy, but is a horror anime I love.

Dark Gathering – A Frighteningly Good Horror Anime

Normally, I’m not a fan of brutal horror anime (just look at my thoughts on the Blood-C anime). The gore and suffering the characters go through just isn’t for me.

That being said, Dark Gathering is an exception.

Dark Gathering has some legit spooky moments. How'd you like it to have a faceless ghost creep up on you?

In this comedic horror, we follow Yayoi, Keitarou, and Eiko as they fight ghosts with… well, a team of their own ghosts. Ones that Yayoi has pretty harshly coerced into working with her. As the ghosts and the trio’s teamwork level up, they prepare to do battle with some mysterious big-bad of a ghost.

Overall, the series has a very battle shounen vibe about it, but let me just say, it’s got a very different feel.

The absolute brutality of the fights and the backstories for each ghost are insane. Most of the time, the backstories are really sad too. That bothered me, I do admit.

Please don't stare so closely, miss ghost.

Despite that, however, the show does an excellent job of balancing the dark side with the light side.

The jokes they drop are impeccibly timed. I found myself laughing pretty hard more often than not. Especially Yayoi. She’s crazy.

To add to this, we get some romance between Keitarou and Eiko, which I’m always a fan of. In fact, Eiko’s love is… interesting, and really adds to the comedy.

It's nice that there's some romance in Dark Gathering. You know I like romance.

Dark Gathering is a weird but satisfying mix of horror and comedy. You’ll find yourself lulled into complacency, and then they’ll hit you with a horrific scene. Once the fight is over, they’ll lift you back up with some silly comedy or romance.

If the gore isn’t too much for you, I’d highly recommend this series. All elements of the series are great, and there’s definitely room for another season (which I’m very much hoping for).

Okay, that’s all I got for this one. Catch you next time.

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