About the Blog

Otaku Thoughts is a blog where I will discuss various otaku topics. Ranging from anime and manga reviews and recommendations, to defining terms that seasoned otakus take for granted, to just talking about random shit that pops into my head while checking out a series. While anime and manga are the main focus, no topic is off the table. Light novels, visual novels, video games, or even just general stuff related to Japan. My hope is to connect with my fellow otaku through blogging, so if you have questions, comments, suggestions, just shoot me a message. It can result in a new post, or even just an email chat.

Finally, I want to add that I don’t judge people on their tastes, so don’t be afraid to even talk about that anime that seems awkward to discuss. I personally gravitate toward fantasy and isekai, as well as romance and romantic comedies. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. As such, this blog will be predominantly geared toward that, and my reviews will reflect these interests.

About Me


I am a self-proclaimed otaku. I’ve been watching anime for nearly twenty years and can’t get enough of it. I could literally drown in all the manga I’ve accumulated over the years, and have basically run out of space for my figures. So yeah, I think “otaku” is a good way to describe me.

I decided on this pen name a few reasons. It was originally from my college friends. I love moe characters, so it was their way of messing with me. But jokes on them, I’ll own that name. Second, I feel like if I can be open with other otaku about my interests, maybe they’ll be open with me too. My hope is this blog becomes a way for my fellow otaku to connect with other like-minded people. As I said above, I won’t judge someone for their interests. Hopefully, one day, people will feel comfortable to bring up anything with the Moe Master.